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About Us

Perkins Precoat started on a job site in Wellesley Mass more than 20 years ago. At the time, my brother John and I (Bill) were house painters, Perkins Bros. Painting.

After finishing a house in Wellesley Hills we had moved on to the house next door when the contractor came over and told us that his multimillion-million dollar spec house had an area that was peeling.  Eventually we convinced the builder to pull off some of the siding, only to find the back of the siding was soaking wet. After fixing the problem, my next year was spent in search of the perfect way to paint a house; giving birth to Perkins Precoat.

Soon thereafter,  pre-finished trim and siding made its way onto all of our jobs. This meant that we could paint in climate controlled conditions all year round and give our contractors custom paint jobs 12 months per year.
It didn’t take long for us to identify that given the access to proper levels of distribution we could deliver these premium services to not just one house at a time, but to possibly hundreds if not thousands.   
The next step was to shift all of our attention to wholesale distribution and some select retail yards as our customer base.
Times have certainly changed in the last twenty years, but in our business the rules have stayed the same.

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