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Exterior trim boards makeup the majority of production in our entire coating line. Production numbers can reach 50,000 board feet per day during busy times of the year.   All  of that production centers around servicing our wholesale partners as well as select retail yards. 

The  majority of the wood that we  prime and finish is comprised of #2 or premium, finish and select eastern white pine. These grades almost always have some knots and are treated with white pigmented shellac prior to priming and finishing. Other species that we work with are #1, #2, and D or clear ponderosa pine, all grades of Idaho White Pine as well as all grades of Cedar, Redwood Douglas fir and Poplar.      

The primers and finishes we use can vary per spec or per species.  They are custom made for us and are a combination of alkyd (oil based) and 100% acrylic as well as some proprietary blends of waterbourn coatings that we have developed. 

We are consistently referenced as an industry standard for our understanding of the proper way to finish wood for exterior applications, but also for the proper selection of wood species and coatings that meet the specifications of the individual architect or contractor.

Please contact us with any questions about wood and/or coatings applications for your upcoming project.

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